To help develop better understanding of climate risks and demonstrate effective climate adaptation strategies the GRaBS project will help organisations and individuals by sharing results and best practice.

Increasing an awareness of climate change adaptation is a core objective of the GRaBS project and our communication and dissemination activities demonstrated here – press releases, newsletters, brochures and expert papers – highlight our activities and progress throughout Europe.

Adaptation Action Plans & Policy Statements

Adaptation action plan Bratislava – Executive Summary
01-06-2011 - Regional Environment Centre for Eastern Europe (Slovakia)

Executive summary (in English) of the Bratislava AAP, outlining its objectives and delivery model. The summary highlights that the key aim of the AAP to aid the delivery of climate change adaptation through urban greening and water management and cooperation among decision makers, planners, stakeholders, the private sector and local communities.

Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan in the Province of Catania and in the Municipality of Biancavilla - Executive Summary (English)
01-06-2011 - Etnambiente SRL

Etnambiente's Adaptation Action Plan for Catania and the Municipality of Biancavilla presents the current and expected climatic conditions in the area, and the responses of the organisation through adaptation initiatives and protocols.

Adaptation Action Plan - University of Catania (Executive Summary)
01-06-2011 - University of Catania

The AAP of the University of Catania has produced a set of policy guidelines (Internal Action Plan) on its own university facilities, addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation actions. On a more strategic level, the University has developed a set of policy guidelines (External Actions Program) as a set of proposals for current planning activities of a regional level that can be useful for public administrations in Sicily beyond the administrative borders of the city also for Catania and the metropolitan area.

Adaptation Action Plan and Political Statement
01-06-2011 - Municipality of Kalamaria

The aim of this Adaptation Action Plan is to ensure that the necessary actions to adapt to climate change are addressed and implemented at all levels, as an important component of Municipality of Kalamaria strategy, together with its Strategic Operational Program.

The Low Carbon City 2011 – 2020: Part 1
01-05-2011 - Southampton City Council

Southampton’s AAP has been produced by the Sustainability Team at Southampton City Council. The Plan describes the aim of Southampton to thrive in a new low carbon economy and 8 key priorities to deliver this. These priorities are explained in detail with an assessment of the necessary resources, timescales, leaders and current progress to date.

The Low Carbon City 2011 – 2020 - Part 2
01-05-2011 - Southampton City Council

The Low Carbon City 2011 – 2020 - Part 3
01-05-2011 - Southampton City Council

The Low Carbon City 2011 – 2020 - Part 4
01-05-2011 - Southampton City Council

Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan
01-05-2011 - Province of Genoa

The Adaptation Action Plan of the Province of Genoa sets out how use of the GRaBS risk and vulnerability assessment tool will help assess the status of territories and their resilience to climate change. The AAP centres on 2 pilot projects and fits in with the Provincial Plan which co-ordinates development projects on a smaller municipal level. The AAP describes how internal professionals will work with politicians and the community to deliver adaptation measures.

Climate Adaptation Strategy for Malmo City
01-05-2011 - City of Malmö

This strategy gives a clear account of the areas where we can expect the greatest change in Malmö: Increased precipitation and risk of flooding, rise in sea level and a warmer climate. The Climate Adaptation Strategy proposes a number of actions for each of the risk areas in the city of Malmö and also identifies the parties affected. The importance of collaboration and communication is also discussed.

Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan for the Province of Styria
01-04-2011 - Provincial Government of Styria

The AAP of the Province of Styria has been written by its Department of Spatial Planning which is responsible for building and land-use planning throughout Styria. The AAP has been interpreted as a guide aimed at supporting authorities, municipalities and planners in checking the "functional efficiency" of local development concepts, land-use plans (zoning plans) and master plans (building plans), under changing climatic conditions.

Borough Climate Change Adaptation Strategy
01-04-2011 - London Borough of Sutton

The AAP of the London Borough of Sutton fits within the Council’s 2020 vision of ‘One Planet Living’, and describes the objective for the borough to be London’s most sustainable suburb. This will be achieved by ensuring the location, location and design of all new developments minimise vulnerability of people and property and are fully adapted and resilient to future climate impacts

Northwest Regional Development Agency 'Framework for Action' (Adaptation Action Plan)
01-03-2011 - NWDA

The first GRaBS adaptation action plan, 'A Framework for Action', has been developed by Community Forests Northwest on behalf of the NWDA. It sets out green spaces such as parks, gardens, trees, green roofs, rivers, and floodplains can be used to mitigate and adapt to climate change in urban areas throughout the region, including Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and Merseyside. The new Framework for Action sets out comprehensive actions to ensure that green infrastructure is planned, designed, and managed by all relevant stakeholders, involving and engaging local communities, in order to combat climate change and deliver wider benefits.

Climate Change Adaptation in the Nieuw-West City District of Amsterdam
01-03-2011 - The Amsterdam City District of Nieuw-West

This AAP describes the main impacts of climate change in the Nieuw-West City District of Amsterdam. It summarises the actions and responses targeted at these impacts and concludes by discussing the importance of a sound strategy for community involvement and engagement. It makes several practical recommendations for promoting community engagement on the ground.

A database of case studies – executive summary
01-06-2010 - University of Manchester

The aim of the database of case studies is to showcase climate change adaptation approaches, with a particular emphasis on those relating to green and blue infrastructure. Rather than focus on the physical elements of the case studies, the database describes in detail the processes that have supported the implementation of adaptation responses in a range of urban areas across the world.

Adaptation Action Plan Guidance
01-01-2010 - TCPA

Guidance to assist the partners of the GRaBS Project with the production of their AAPs

High Level Policy Statement Guidance
01-01-2010 - TCPA

Guidance drawn up by the TCPA, as Lead Partner, on the production of High Level Policy Statements by each of the partners of the GRaBS Project.


GRaBS Journal
01-06-2011 - TCPA

A special GRaBS edition of the TCPA journal, featuring articles from key stakeholders on best practice transferred and experience exchanged in planning for climate change adaptation. This acts as the fourth GRaBS newsletter - updating readers on the latest news from the GRaBS project.

NEWSLETTER - Issue 3, February 2011
01-02-2011 - TCPA

NEWSLETTER - Issue 2, January 2010
30-12-2009 -

NEWSLETTER - Issue 1, June 2009
01-06-2009 -

Press Releases

26-08-2011 - TCPA

Press release marking the launch of the final Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Tool and Guidance document

01-07-2011 - TCPA

Press release of the reaction from the GRaBS project to the release of the second report from the Adaptation Sub Committee of the Committee on Climate Change

08-06-2011 - TCPA

For the Final Conference of the GRaBS project in London on the 8th June 2011, this press release shows the work that has been done and how the timing of the Natural Environment White Paper will make the event all the more topical

03-06-2011 - TCPA

Press release to mark a speech by Jeremy Carter (UoM) at the Resilient Cities conference in Bonn on ‘The process of integrated adaptation planning’

Sutton launches plan for climate-proofing the Borough
01-06-2011 - London Borough of Sutton

Press release by LBS for the launch of their borough-wide Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

27-05-2011 - Province of Genoa

Genoa Press Release 27-05-2011

Press release by Nieuw-West Amsterdam on launch of AAP
01-05-2011 - The Amsterdam City District of Nieuw-West

Press release by Nieuw-West Amsterdam to mark the launch of their Adaptation Action Plan

01-04-2011 - TCPA

Press release on the launch of 5 GRaBS Expert Papers timed with the final Project Steering Committee meeting in Sicily

Actions speak louder than words in the battle against climate change
01-03-2011 - NWDA

Press release from Community Forest Northwest to mark the launch of their Framework for Action

07-02-2011 - TCPA

The UK Planning and Climate Change Coalition, supported by the GRaBS project and an outcome of the Town & Country Planning Association's role in the project, has won a prestigious RTPI award for its contribution to planning.

Wales Must Adapt to Extreme Weather
29-07-2010 - TCPA

Climate Change Policies Key to London's Future
12-07-2010 - TCPA

North West Drought Risk Illustrates Climate Change Adaptation Challenge
24-06-2010 - TCPA

Gardens Key to Climate Change Adaptation
09-06-2010 - TCPA

Time for New Ministerial Teams to Focus on Extreme Weather and Social Justice
14-05-2010 - TCPA

Press Release on new Ministerial teams at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

More Green and Blue Spaces in Cities Across Europe
27-04-2010 - Provincial Government of Styria

Press Release describing the Project Steering Committee meeting and study visit in Graz, Austria.

Time to Act on Adaptation
30-03-2010 - TCPA

Press Release on a report published by the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (RCEP) "Adapting institutions to climate change".

Climate Change Adaptation: The Greatest Challenge Facing Our Communities In The 21st Century?
25-03-2010 -

01-06-2009 -

Press Release on The Case for Climate Change Adaptation

01-06-2009 -

Press Release on UKCIP09 scenarios

01-03-2009 -

Klaipedos universiteto baltijos pajurio aplinkos tyrimu ir planavimo institutas prisijunge prie europos partnerystes del prisitaikymo prie klimato kaitos
01-02-2009 - KU CORPI

Europe joins forces in battle to turn cities green
01-01-2009 -

01-12-2008 -

Malmö storsatsar på klimatanpassning
01-11-2008 - City of Malmö

01-11-2008 - University of Catania

REC Slovensko sa zúcastnilo na prvom celo-európskom partnerskom stretnutí v Londýne k adaptacným opatreniam ku klimatickým zmenám v mestách
01-11-2008 - Regional Environment Centre for Eastern Europe (Slovakia)

01-10-2008 -

GRaBS Brochure

GRaBS Knowledge Bank
01-06-2011 - TCPA

A brochure describing all of the key outputs of the GRaBS project and where to find them

GRaBS Brochure
01-06-2009 -

Expert Papers

Expert Paper 7 - Assessing Vulnerability to Climate Change and adapting through Green Infrastructure
01-06-2011 - Regional Environment Centre for Eastern Europe (Slovakia)

This Expert Paper puts urban areas under the spotlight and asks: what can cities and towns actually do to assess their vulnerability to climate change, and how can they use green infrastructure to adapt accordingly? People, places and buildings will be vulnerable to the effects of these changes – this Expert Paper explains how to assess such vulnerabilities, using the framework set out by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The Paper then identifies how green infrastructure could help to reduce the impact of these vulnerabilities. Planning has an important role to play in creating a framework in which incremental changes will add up to an overall environment that helps people to be more resilient to increases in temperature.

Expert Paper 3: Green and Blue Infrastructure Exemplars from the City of Graz
01-04-2011 - Provincial Government of Styria

The Austrian City of Graz is similar to thousands of other European cities and faces similar social, economic and environmental challenges, yet through a range of initiatives such as the ‘Green Net’, ‘Revitalising the Inner Courtyards’, and the ‘Streams of Graz’, it is already becoming well-adapted to the impacts of climate change. Around 40% of its area is made up of green space, and it has an extensive green network and a pioneering approach to green infrastructure that dates back to 1980. This paper describes the methods and policies used for the delivery and future development of measures in the City of Graz which, although not necessary originally driven by an adaptation agenda, are now considered integral to adaptation action, which other urban areas can learn from.

Expert Paper 4: The Role of Transport for Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation
01-04-2011 - University of Catania

This paper gives an overview of the complex interactions between the transport system, building density and climate change, addressing the role of transport policies both in mitigating the global effects of climate change and in enabling our towns to adapt to its inevitable impacts, within the framework of urban sustainable development. The University of Catania GRaBS team put forward ‘win-win’ solutions concerning the ‘greening of urban mobility’, which favour a shift towards sustainable modes of transport for mitigation purposes, but also support the development and use of green space and green infrastructure for adaptation purposes. The narrative is supported by a series of case studies.

Expert Paper 5: Collaborative Working for Climate Change Policies
01-04-2011 - TCPA

An important objective of achieving adaptation action is to promote high-level policy commitment from politicians and wider civil society groups. The UK Planning and Climate Change Coalition (PCCC) represents an innovative approach in bringing together a range of organizations to lobby for improved, effective climate change policy action at the highest level. After a foreword by Dr Hugh Ellis, Chief Planner at the TCPA, this paper describes how the PCCC came into being and how its members worked together to produce a leading-edge policy guide for climate change, overcoming the differing objectives of individual groups and within the context of very fast-moving political circumstances. The paper is a useful read for anyone wishing to build consensus and influence policy by following a series of principles that made the PCCC successful.

Expert Paper 6: The Green Space Factor & Green Points System
01-04-2011 - City of Malmö

This paper sets out the case for innovative planning instruments, specifically the Green Space Factor and Green Points System, which are used to secure a minimum amount of green space and the incorporation of adequate and functional green infrastructure in new developments in the City of Malmo. These green space tools have been used for more than ten years in the Western Harbour area, during which time barriers from planners and developers have been gradually eroded and the tools themselves have evolved to better achieve their goals. The paper is a useful resource for those wishing to design and incorporate similar tools into wider planning systems; and to understand how partnership working between the private, public and voluntary sectors can facilitate this, in order to achieve new, climate resilient communities. The paper has been written with transferability in mind.

GRaBS Expert Paper 2: Participation in Climate Change Adaptation
01-10-2010 - The Amsterdam City District of Nieuw-West

Age Niels Holstein, Programme Manager at Stadsdeel Nieuw-West, Amsterdam (New West City District of Amsterdam), sets out his thoughts on community participation in climate change adaptation.

GRaBS Expert Paper 1: The Case for Adaptation
01-06-2009 - TCPA

Kate Henderson, Chief Executive of the TCPA, sets out the case for climate change adaptation.


The vulnerability concept: use within GRaBS
03-06-2011 - University of Manchester

This paper aims to describe the approach to the vulnerability concept within the risk framework applied in the GRaBS project. It also aligns the specific terms used in GRaBS with their equivalents in the reports produced by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

How the INTERREG IVC project “GRaBS” can change European cities
01-05-2011 - The Amsterdam City District of Nieuw-West

A paper from Christine Schwaberger and Age Niels Holstein for the CORP event in Essen explaining the work of GRaBS and particularly these two partners

Agriculture & Green Infrastructure: role of non-urbanised areas for eco-sustainable planning in a metropolitan region
16-11-2010 - University of Catania

Paolo La Greca, Daniele La Rose, Francesco Martinico and Riccardo Privitera set out in this Environmental Pollution journal article how characterisation of non-urbanised areas in metropolitan regions is crucial for land-use planning aimed at minimising environmental pollution and adaptation to climate change. The article presents a case study which is part of the GRaBS project - Mascalucia. The article is available to download at: doi:10.1016/j.envpol.2010.11.017

Climate change and urban areas: development of a climate change risk and vulnerability assessment tool
02-09-2010 - University of Manchester

This paper reports on the development of the Assessment Tool at the University of Manchester, and the results of pilot and user testing with the GRaBS project partners. The approach is based on the findings of the Adaptation Strategies for Climate Change in the Urban Environment (ASCCUE) project, which implements a risk framework, focusing on the three elements; hazard, vulnerability and exposure.

Climate Chnage and Urban Areas: Development of a Climate Change Risk & Vulnerability Assessment Tool
01-09-2010 - University of Manchester

This paper, written by the University of Manchester (main author: Gina Cavan), reports on the development of the Assessment Tool and the results of pilot and user testing with the GRaBS partners. The paper was presented at the RICS COBRA Research Conference in Paris in September 2010.

Briefing on Adapting to a changing climate, Urban Design and Planning, Volume 163, June 2010
01-06-2010 - TCPA

The density dilemma: A proposal for introducing Smart Growth principles in a sprawl settlement within Catania Metropolitan Area
01-09-2009 - University of Catania

Urban Sprawl is known worldwide as the uncontrolled expansion of low-density, single-use suburban development scattered around the countryside. This paper delves deeper into the phenomenon and recognises it as a peculiar aspect of the impressive growth of the contemporary town, even if one of the most evident and dimensionally relevant.

Latest Announcements

GRaBS Final Conference in London - 8th June 2011
21-04-2011 - TCPA

The details of the final conference in London have now been finalised. At this conference GRaBS partners will share their experience in developing climate change adaptation strategies, Adaptation Action Plans and High-Level Policy Statements with decision-makers, politicians, practitioners, community groups and individuals with a responsibility for, or interest in, climate change adaptation in our towns and cities. The Final Conference brochure is here with the full programme and booking form.

GRaBS Final Conference - 8 June 2011, London
01-01-2011 -

The GRaBS final conference will be held in London on 8 June 2011, where the partners will showcase key outputs of the project and describe how they were achieved. The conference will coincide with a UK Study Visit and includes a Reception in the House of Commons. More details will be posted soon.

LB Sutton Consultation on Climate Change: 20 September to 14 November 2010
01-10-2010 - London Borough of Sutton

The London Borough of Sutton has prepared a series of documents for public consultation between 20 September to 14 November, including a Draft Climate Change Adaptation Strategy. The Community Engagement Programme includes exhibits, public meetings and a questionnaire asking residents to prioritise measures for tackling future climate change. More details can be found at:

Delivering Climate Change Adaptation Through Spatial Planning - Can We Do It?
30-07-2010 - TCPA

The TCPA, supported by The Climate Change Next Steps Grant Fund, held a seminar and workshop in Cardiff, Wales, yesterday, focusing on the inevitable impacts of climate change in Wales on the environment, communities, and their way of life, and ways to adapt to these impacts. The event provided an opportunity for participants to gain a greater understanding and share ideas about the delivery of climate change adaptation actions through the spatial planning process, drawing on European best practice examples from the GRaBS project. Visit to download the presentations, including the key note address given by Peter Davies OBE, Commissioner for Wales, Sustainable Development Commission.

An Invitation to Attend the 'Climate and Participation Conference' on 5 & 6 November 2009
06-10-2009 -

On Thursday 5th and Friday 6th November, the Amsterdam City District of Geuzenveld-Slotermeer will be hosting the 'Climate and Participation Conference', to inspire best practice in adaptation to climate change and community participation. Please see the attached leaflet for further details.

Policy Guidelines & Briefing Papers

Policy Guidelines Summary: Adapting transport systems to climate change
01-04-2011 - University of Catania

An urgent task facing us is how we adapt existing transport planning, design, construction and maintenance – and decisions we make about how we travel – to climate change. This paper provides a summary of the Policy Guidelines from the University of Catania, on tackling the challenges of climate change in adapting transport systems across Europe.

Planning for Climate Change: guidance and model policies for local authorities
15-11-2010 - TCPA

The UK Government has signalled a radical shift of responsibility to local authority and community levels. This guide is designed primarily for local authorities and new Local Enterprise Partnerships who want both to tackle climate change and to reap the benefits that renewable energy and effective adaptation can bring. It draws explicitly on the draft Planning Policy Statement (PPS) on climate and energy, Consultation on a Planning Policy Statement: Planning for a Low Carbon Future in a Changing Climate, published in March 2010, and it seeks to reflect the wide-ranging consensus which that document commanded. The policy has been developed through cross-sector dialogue, using the wide-ranging expertise of the Planning and Climate Change Coalition partners.

TCPA Briefing Paper: Planning & Flood Risk in Northern Ireland
01-09-2010 - TCPA

Responding to Northern Ireland planning policy. Embedding flood risk management into the planning system.

GRaBS Study Visit Report - Basel & Freiburg, June 2010
30-06-2010 - TCPA

In June 2010, GRaBS partners embarked on a study visit to the City of Basel in Switzerland, and the City of Freiburg in Germany, to learn about a wide range of climate change adaptation measures. This report gives a detailed accout of the visit, and sums up the lessons learnt.

GRaBS Briefing Paper 3 - Delivering Adaptation Benefits in the UK
01-06-2010 - TCPA

GRaBS Briefing Paper 2 - Delivering Benefits of Green Infrastructure through Planning
01-06-2010 - TCPA

Green Infrastructure: How and where can it help the Northwest mitigate & adapt to climate change?
01-06-2010 - NWDA

This report is intended to raise awareness in the Northwest of climate change services that GI can provide, as a strand of the Northwest Climate Change Action Plan. The full report is available at:

GRaBS Briefing Paper - Impacts of Garden Development
01-02-2010 - TCPA

GRaBS Briefing Paper 4: Water Management & Adaptation
17-01-2010 - TCPA

Gives background to water management policy, considering in particular have the EU Water Framework Directive will effect UK water policy and climate change adaptation.

GRaBS Briefing Paper 5: Approval of Sustainable Drainage Systems
17-01-2010 - TCPA

Outlines the Flood & Water Management Act 2010 provisions on sustainable drainage systems in the UK, and related responsibilities of local authorities in the planning process.

GRaBS Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan Guidance
22-07-2009 - TCPA

This document was created to provide practical guidance for GRaBS partners to develop individual Adaptation Action Plans. It focuses generic good practice principles, and sets out a six-stage process for adaptation strategies / plan development.

Assessment Tool

Risk & Vulnerability Tool Report on Applicability to Coastal Zones
01-08-2011 - KU CORPI

A report produced by Nerijus Blazauskas and Sergej Suzdalev of Klaipeda University Coastal Research and Planning Institute, Lithuania, assessing the applicability of the Assessment Tool to sensitive coastal zones areas.

Literature Review of climate change vulnerability, risk and adaptation assessment tools
01-08-2009 - University of Manchester

This document aims to review climate change vulnerability, risk and adaptation assessment tools as a means of contextualizing and positioning the Green and Blue Space Adaptation for Urban Areas and Eco-Towns (GRaBS) tool. It draws on evidence from international published literature, a web-review of tools and a number of other previous reviews.

Adaptation Measures

Other Adaptation Research

Global Report on Human Settlements - Cities and Climate Change: Policy direction
01-05-2011 - TCPA

UN Habitat's report on Cities and Climate Change

The value of Green Infrastructure for urban climate adaptation - The Center for Clean Air Policy
01-02-2011 - TCPA

In this paper CCAP provides information on the costs and benefits of “green” infrastructure solutions for bolstering local adaptation to climate change.

Climate change adaptation by design: a guide for sustainable communities
01-01-2007 - TCPA

Drawing on research as part of the Building Knowledge for a Changing Climate programme, the guide uniquely considers how adaptation options are infl uenced by geographical location and the scale of development. It considers the interrelated roles of the planning system, communities, other stakeholders and delivery bodies. It seeks to ensure a better understanding of climate risks while demonstrating effective adaptation strategies through case studies from around the world.This is the third in the series of ‘TCPA By Design Guides for Sustainable Communities’. The TCPA published its ‘Programme for Sustainable Communities’ in 2001 calling for the positive planning and delivery of a greater number of homes to higher standards in ‘sustainable communities’.