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About the University of Catania

Founded in 1434, the University of Catania is the main university in Sicily and one of the biggest in Italy. It has a population over 70,000 students 4,000 staff, 12 faculties and 50 research departments.

The University of Catania is responsible for the planning and management of the urban university sites and the campuses which, with its buildings, facilities, green areas and road networks, form a substantial amount of the urban fabric of Catania. However, the University spreads its activities, infrastructure and facilities across south-eastern Sicily, including the cities of Siracusa, Ragusa, Enna and directly manages a variety of rural and protected areas: natural and marine reserves, agricultural areas and acts as scientific advisor in parks (Etna and Nebrodi) and other natural areas. Indirectly, it can affect regional and local planning policy, with the involvement of a network of communities.

The University has major expertise in the field of urban and regional planning, sustainable mobility and transport management and environmental and energy management and its experience in interregional cooperation has been extensive.

University of Catania and the GRaBS project

The University will work closely with Etnambiente, and with the assistance of other GRaBS partners, develop its own climate adaptation action plan, focusing on the University-managed infrastructure. There will be a particular emphasis on the integration of sustainable mobility management with climate change adaptation strategies based on blue and green infrastructure. The University will produce a set of policy guidelines on mobility management and blue and green infrastructure, addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation. On a more strategic level, the University will develop a set of policy guidelines for the region of South-East Sicily, in relation to current planning activities at the provincial level.

Together with the University of Manchester, it will also provide support for the GRaBS Panel of Experts. It hopes to benefit from the exchange of experience and communication with other GRaBS partners to assist its efforts towards stronger internationalisation, and consolidate the University’s leading role in promoting the culture for sustainable development amongst local communities.

Name:  Giuseppe Inturri
Title:  Assistant Professor of Transport
Tel:  +39 095 738 2216
Email:  [email protected]