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Province of Genoa (Regional Municipality)

About the Province of Genoa

The Province of Genoa is located in the Liguria Region in the north-west of Italy, with around 890,000 inhabitants. A strip of land shouldered by the sea on one side and the mountains on the other, Genoa is an intermediate public administrative entity incorporating 67 municipalities. The area experiences both Mediterranean climate conditions and ‘northern mountains weather’. Under Italian law, the Province is positioned between the Municipality and the Regional Government, and is responsible for representing its communities, fostering their interests, and promoting and coordinating their development.

The Province of Genoa has recently set up a tool of general territorial planning, the ‘Piano Territoriale di Coordinamento Provinciale’ or PTCp (Province’s Plan), based on the coordination between the administration of the territory at local level and the perspective of regional and European development. It sets out regulations in matters of land, environment, infrastructure and services, the settlement system, environment and landscape, and social and economic issues.

Province of Genoa and the GRaBS project

The Province has begun the process of implementing the ‘Scrivia City’ project, which focuses on the regeneration and further development of the urban fringe area of the Scrivia Valley. This will require the production of an Area Framework, co-ordinating the plans of nine municipalities located in the valley. The Province's participation in the GRaBS project will provide the opportunity to ensure the redevelopment of the Scrivia valley is designed to meet climate change challenges, especially with regard to flood risks generated by the Scrivia river, through an adaptation action plan.

The experience generated by the project will be used to influence regional policy, which includes the City of Genova and 66 other Municipalities. The Province, in particular, will pass on its experience and knowledge in community and stakeholder planning and the establishment of appropriate stakeholder structures and processes, for the delivery of an effective adaptation action plan, with a particular focus on blue infrastructure such as river deculverting and sustainable drainage systems.

Name:  Andrea Pasetti
Title:  Architect in the Land Planning Deptartment
Tel:  +39 (0)10 5499951
Email:  [email protected]