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Klaipeda University Coastal Research and Planning Institute

About the Klaipeda University Coastal Research and Planning Institute (CORPI)

Within Klaipeda University in Lithuania, CORPI is a research and education department with a focus on integrated coastal zone management, sea use planning, environmental impact and risk assessment, geological and geophysical, biological and ecological investigations, ecosystem modeling and climate change prediction. CORPI closely collaborates with national government departments, the regional Klaipeda county, local municipalities (mostly coastal) and the private sector, in the development of environmental policy, feasibility studies and environmental infrastructure projects.

Klaipeda County has a population of around 300,000, but this increases significantly when people come to the coastline during the summer months. Klaipeda City is Lithuania’s only seaport, and is an important transportation hub.

CORPI has participated in, or has been involved in, various research and consulting projects financed by Lithuanian institutions, economic entities, the EU and other funders. It is currently involved in a project that aims to develop and adapt a European toolset for sustainable coastal zone management and planning.

CORPI and the GRaBS project

With its expertise in coastal zone planning and management, the GRaBS project will enable CORPI to focus on developing the link between planning for blue and green infrastructure and integrated coastal zone management, and in particular the applicability of the Risks and Vulnerabilities Assessment Tool to sensitive coastal zone areas. It will aid the dissemination and transfer of knowledge generated by the project to Klaipeda County administration and local coastal municipalities focusing on urban regeneration and development sites within the coastal area of the region. CORPI will work closely with other GRaBS partners in coastal regions (e.g. SEEDA, Southampton, Genoa). It looks forward to raising awareness, learning about community engagement, implementing best practice and broadening its EU experience through the GRaBS project.

Since CORPI plays a major role in regional projects related to climate change by planning and developing mathematic models and evaluating the risk of sea water level rise and seasonal flooding, CORPI will assist with developing, testing and applying the climate risk and vulnerability tool in the South East Baltic region (Poland, Kaliningrad Oblast (Russia), Lithuania).

Name:  Nerijus Bla˛auskas
Title:  Senior Scientist
Tel:  +(370) 46 39 88 38
Email:  [email protected]