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Provincial Government of Styria (Regional Municipality)

About the Department of Spatial Planning, Provincial Government of Styria

The Department of Spatial Planning is responsible for the spatial planning of the whole province of Styria including 542 municipalities. To ensure integrated planning, the department works closely with local authorities on the development of sub-regional and local area development frameworks/plans, master plans and development concepts produced according to Styrian planning law. The department is also responsible for the ongoing development of planning law; ensuring the integration of spatial planning with transport and housing management; and for the evaluation of housing projects in respect of planning aims and architectural quality.

The Province of Styria has a major opportunity to influence the sustainability of new development and regeneration across the region, through its influence on regional policy and sub-regional spatial plans.

Styria is located in the southeast of Austria, and is the second largest in area of the nine Austrian states. It has a population of around 1.2m, and is known as the ‘Green Heart of Austria’ as it is blanketed with forests, vineyards and grasslands. The capital of Styria is Graz, the second-largest city in Austria after Vienna.

The Province of Styria and the GRaBS project

Working with the GRaBS partners and regional and sub-regional stakeholders, the Province of Styria will produce a High Level Policy Statement for the Province and develop a climate change adaptation action plan framework replicable by local authorities within sub-regional area development frameworks. Styria will offer its regional planning experience, methodologies and policy development to all project partners. Within the Province, a range of good practice examples of the implementation of blue and green infrastructure in existing and new development can be visited, examined and learned from.

In return, the Department aims to have an influence on regional planning, determining designated areas for green and blue spaces in its creation of an action plan. It hopes to strengthen its knowledge on community engagement, and how this can have an effect on spatial planning and development concepts. Lastly, it wants to raise awareness across the Province and beyond, about the importance of adaptation to climate change.

Name:  Christine Schwaberger
Dept:  Department of Spatial Planning
Tel:  +43 316 877 4197
Email:  [email protected]