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London Borough of Sutton (Local Authority)

About the London Borough of Sutton

Sutton Council is a London Authority with a population of 190,000, which provides a range of services including planning policy, spatial planning, traffic management, transportation planning and sustainable community strategy. The council’s vision is to build a community in which all can take part and take pride. Following the ‘One Planet Living’ principles, it is committed to developing a sustainable borough, consulting the local community and providing value for money services.

The Borough has 80,000 dwellings, one town centre and six district centres, two major industrial areas, 70,000 jobs, 10 rail stations and 500ha of public open space. The River Wandle is a tributary of the River Thames, and is the second largest river catchment in London. 45,000 of Sutton’s dwellings are built on its floodplain, and a major concern is risk of flooding.

Sutton is a model for high density sustainable growth within a suburban environment. It uses masterplanning design principles for sustainable redevelopment of brownfield sites within urban areas, and aims to integrate new development within existing communities, using stakeholder engagement. The Borough looks forward to the exchange of expertise and experience from other GRaBS partners in accommodating growth within Sutton, and creating a sustainable suburb at Hackbridge (a new district shopping centre/community facility).

London Borough of Sutton and the GRaBS project

With a housing growth target for London of 30,000 units per year up to 2016, Sutton is experiencing intense pressure for new development and densification on its green and blue infrastructure. The Borough must urgently consolidate this growth with the need for climate change adaptation, reflected in the London Mayor's Climate Change Action Plan. The Council is required to produce a Local Development Framework, comprising a borough-wide sustainable development strategy, two local area action plans for major growth points and a number of detailed development masterplans (with one site located in a river flood plain).

Through the participation in GRaBS and assistance from GRaBS partners, the Council will ensure the integration of an effective climate change adaptation action plan, within the Borough Development Framework, and effective consultation within the local community.

Name:  Jeff Wilson
Title:  Head, Strategic Planning & Projects
Tel:  +44(0)20 8770 6258
Email:  [email protected]