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The Amsterdam City District of Nieuw-West(Local Authority)

About the Amsterdam City District of Nieuw-West

The City District Nieuw-West is one of the four western garden cities of the Municipality of Amsterdam, and is one of the ‘greenest’, encompassing large open spaces and water reservoirs. As well as a wealth of parks and conservation areas, the area is characterised by low-rise buildings, built in the 1950s. The blue and green infrastructure constitutes an interconnected and well developed system, originating in the General Expansion Plan of Amsterdam.

The District has a growing, multicultural population. It has 41,335 inhabitants, with over half of the residents categorised as minority groups. The yearly family income is 15-20% below the Dutch average, and almost a quarter of families are earning the minimum wage, with above average numbers living on welfare.

City District of Nieuw-West and the GRaBS project

The green and blue qualities of the city district are experiencing growing urban and economic growth pressures of the City of Amsterdam, resulting in increased urban densification and growth in new mixed use development. At the same time, their vital strategic importance as instruments, in terms of adaptation to climate change in urban environments and sustainable urban development, has grown dramatically.

In order to address these tensions and inform regional policy, Nieuw-West joined the GRaBS partnership and will produce a good practice adaptation action plan, in close cooperation with its communities, the City of Amsterdam, and the Regional Authority of the Province Noord-Holland. Nieuw-West has developed a rich practice in engaging communities in neighbourhood management and planning processes and will further develop and make available this expertise to the other GRaBS partners. This will include an extended mentoring role to assist partners in the process of developing effective climate adaptation action plans, together with their communities and stakeholders.

Name:  Age Niels Holstein
Title:  Urban Regeneration Manager
Tel:  +31 (0)20 889 8467
Email:  [email protected]