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About the City of Malmö

The City of Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden, and internationally renowned for its commitment to environmental and social goals. Its population of 286,000 is growing steadily, with 50% of its inhabitants aged 35 or younger, and 28% of people being born abroad. The city is a rapidly developing region, and an economic growth centre.

Urban renewal in the Western Harbour and Augustenborg since 2001 has focused on production of local renewable energy, energy efficiency in buildings and the integration of vegetation and open storm water management into the built environment. Malmö is the host of the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute and a large number of green roofs have been implemented in two parts of the city and on other single buildings throughout the town.

Malmö has substantial experience of interregional cooperation and projects on sustainability issues. Recent examples are participation in two Interreg IIIB North Sea projects: SmartLIFE, which result in the establishment of a business centre on a sustainable construction in Malmö and LifeSTYLE, Sustainable Technologies for Your Local Environment, which demonstrated how increased sustainability can be incorporated into new residential development. The Environment Department in Malmö is also currently co-ordinating SECURE, Sustainable Energy Communities in Urban Areas in Europe, dealing with energy planning for sustainability. SMILE within the CIVITAS initiative of the 6th framework programme, deals with the creation of innovative sustainable urban transport systems.

City of Malmö and the GRaBS project

Through GRaBS, Malmö will be able to share and exchange its expertise and experience, in terms of the integration of green and blue infrastructure tools for climate adaptation, with a particular focus on demonstrating the multi-functionality of green and blue structures within the urban environment. Through the project, and with the assistance of the other partners, the authority will focus on integrating green and blue climate adaptation at an early stage, in all city planning processes and the day-to day work and responsibilities of the authority, and to intensify stakeholder and community involvement. On a regional level, GRaBS will enable the City Council to enter improved discussions with the County Administrative Board of Scania and the County Council Region Skåne and improve regional policy and that of other local authorities in Scania and Southern Sweden. A key objective is to create a multidimensional regional planning strategy.

Name:  Mathilda Edlund
Title:  Sustainability Strategist
Dept:  Environment Department
Tel:  +46 40 34 08 23
Email:  [email protected]