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Regional Environment Centre for Eastern Europe, Country Office Slovakia (Non Governmental Organisation)

About the Regional Environment Centre for Eastern Europe, Country Office Slovakia

The non-governmental organisation REC Slovakia is one of the REC branch offices in 16 countries of the Central and Eastern Europe. Since its establishment in 1992, REC Slovakia has successfully cooperatee with all important environmental NGOs, governmental and academic institutions, and with Slovak municipalities.

REC Slovakia has extensive experience in projects focused on sustainable development on a national, regional and local level; on nature protection, landscape and urban biodiversity conservation; spatial planning; sustainable tourism, and on environmental education. The organisation has also gained experience in planning for climate change and adapting development through the project 'Sustainable development of cities and minimisation of the negative influences of climate changes on quality of life and the state of the environment in cities', funded through LIFE Environment.

The current trend in Slovakia, especially in Western Slovakia and Bratislava NUTS II regions, is the large-scale construction of housing developments whilst neglecting many of the principles of sustainable planning (in favour of economic growth). Principles which need more attention include the control of urban sprawl and the need for mixed use developments, accessibility to services and transport, the maintenance and management of the natural environment and cultural urban heritage, and the creation of open space and water management.

Regional Environment Centre for Eastern Europe, Country Office Slovakia, and the GRaBS project

By participating in GRaBS, the REC Slovakia team will build on its previous experience in the field of urban sustainable development. A key objective is the integration of green infrastructure recommendations in new and existing urban area renewal, and to enhance understanding on how to engage communities and other stakeholders, specifically those concerned with planning, shaping and delivering urban growth and renewal. In developing key policy guidance with the help of other GRaBS partners, recommendations can be made on a regional and sub-regional level, for integrating blue and green infrastructure in new and existing developments.

Name:  Zuzana Hudekova
Title:  Project Manager
Tel:  +42 12 52632942
Email:  [email protected]