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Municipality of Kalamaria (Local Authority)

About the Municipality of Kalamaria

The Municipality of Kalamaria constitutes the second largest municipality of the urban area of Thessaloniki, the second in Northern Greece and ninth in the whole of Greece. Two thirds of Kalamaria is surrounded by sea with 6.5km of beautiful coastline.and the economy is mainly driven by tourism and commerce.

The population of Kalamaria is now around 90,000, which has increased rapidly by 12.4% in the last decade mainly due to relocation of families from rural and urban areas to suburban areas. The municipality is facing severe pressure on the environment, in terms of diminishing green and blue spaces, due to rapid ubanisation and continued urban expansion. The Municipality is finding it difficult to integrate planning and protection of the coastal zone into government activity.

Municipality of Kalamaria and the GRaBS project

To date, the Municipality of Kalamaria lacks the implementation of good practice in adaptation to climate change through green and blue infrastructure. However, Thessaloniki has a southern geographical location and is very vulnerable to hot, dry summers - the importance of green and blue infrastructure has increased as perception grows that urban design needs to cope with this climate. The Municipality fears a substantial further increase in mechanical air conditioning, which not only contributes further to climate change, but also has social implications.

Through GRaBS, the Municipality aims to develop awareness and knowledge amongst local and regional planners, developers, urban designers and architects, about the important role and multi-functionality of green and blue space infrastructure in creating climate change resilient development. The ultimate objective is to provide a higher quality of life for communities in the municipality’s urban areas.

Name:  Charis Lypiridis
Title:  Consultant
Tel:  +30 694 436 5370
Email:  [email protected]